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Sʋρɛяиαтʋяαℓ 2Ѳ ιи 2Ѳ ιcσи cнαℓℓɛиɢɛ

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Community description:Sʋρɛяиαтʋяαℓ 2Ѳ ιи 2Ѳ ιcσи cнαℓℓɛиɢɛ.
About the community General Rules Credits & Promo
Greetings. You will have 2O days to make 2O icons based on Supernatural TV series. This community was inspired by many 2O in 2O communities that was started after [ profile] celeb20in20. There are several 2O in 2O communities on LJ. I wanted to keep the love for the show on here. You do not mind. Do you?




Want to be a affiliate? PM me! I welcome 20in20
and graphic communities both here and on LJ!
You need to make 2O icons within 2O days. There will be a specific challenge posted on every month where you can claim either a character, a couple, an episode, a season, et cetera.

There are 1O default themes and 5 category icons that will be specific and 5 artist's choice icons.



Please, keep in mind that these are general rules and they may change according to the challenges.

O1. To participate, you must join the community.
O2. A person can claim only once.
O3. Icons must fit the Dreamwidth standards.
O4. All icons must be new and posted to either your community, your journal, or here.

The entries stay unlocked until voting is over.

Guidelines based upon [ profile] spn20_20
Profile by [ profile] gossymer at [ profile] noveltybox
Header by [personal profile] goonies at [community profile] spookishly
Layout by [personal profile] rosecarmine at [community profile] myrtillenne
Supernatural mini-icons by [ profile] bittersweet_art
Season4!Sam Winchester mood theme by [ profile] tueppelchen


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