Birthday wishes and useful stuff

Jul. 19th, 2017 10:35 pm
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First of, happy birthday, dear [personal profile] flarelunari! Look, the King is dancing just for you! How's that for a birthday present, eh? :D

Now to the useful stuff I promised in my headline.

# First, icons for writers and book lovers. [personal profile] flarelunari, you remember us talking about needing some writing icons? I just stumbled upon a few and wanted to let you (and everyone else, of course) know. They are here and here. It's not much but it's a start.

# Another really handy thing I came across today is a website that helps you find the html code for a certain symbol or character. Ever wanted to place a 🎔 in your entry or comment? Or a 𝄞? What about this ⚔? There are tons of emoticons, characters and symbols. And it's easy to find and copy them. Just go to and discover a character. Here, look: ☕ Aww, that's too good. I like that site!

I wanted to write more but it's late over here (after 11pm) and I have to get up early in the morning, so this little update has to do for the moment.

About Me

Jul. 17th, 2017 11:24 pm
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About Me )

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Jul. 16th, 2017 08:24 pm
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Went to my uncles parents for most of the day yesterday, watched them play a game called Plinko or whatever it's called for 2 hours. Then went home and then went to game night. We had a new player, Allen's tennant that lives in the back come and join. He's not bad, seems like a nice guy. We played Dungeons & Dragons from 6 to 10. Then for an hour Cory played parody type videos on the TV, which was fun. We chatted and watched them. He even showed 2 Supernatual ones, found out he watches the show. Felt bad I kind of spoiled who Chuck was. Cause he had asked me what he was, and I assumed he must of forgot the big surprise. And I was like 'Prophet?' and he was like 'Yeah' and I also unfortunatly said 'He's also God, if that's what you forgot'. Cause it seemed like he was trying to think of something else on the character. He was not too upset. Considering the videos he was showing us had major spoilers then that. But still we all had fun. The Time Warp Doctor Who was funny as well, song fit perfectly.

It was a good game, finished the round I think. I got 4 kills in. This game is a good stress reliever. :)

Of course had more family over today. Mary, Alex, Adelynn, baby AJ, Samantha and of course Patches for the weekend. God they were a bit loud today, of course with the kids screaming down the hallway.

Wow people are being so negative and upset about the new Doctor Who that got cast. I mean really? Upset about a female for the part? People are so petty. I could care less if it's a male or female playing the Doctor. As long as they are a good actor/actress I am fine with it. I'll give this series a chance, I stopped watching cause I gave Peter a chance and did not care for his interpretation of the Doctor.

Still in the three digits this week and weekend. Only supposed to cool down to the 90's. :(
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20 It/Pennywise (1990/2017) icons for Horror20in20

If you love Horror movies/shows and love 20in20 communities. Feel free to join, Round 1 sign ups and themes is now up.

Im your worst dream come true. Im everything you ever were afraid of. )

Their is not a whole lot of pictures out their that are not duplicates of Pennywise from the show. So this set was very hard to do without screencaps of the miniseries. Recasting I chose Andy Serkis, I think he would of been interesting. I was tempted to pick Robin Williams.Also the movie had no real Otp moment for Pennywise, so I just ended up picking Beverly.

How to credit


No hotlinking!
Credit if using
Advice is welcomed!
Textless icons are not bases!
They can be personalized upon request
Screencap Credits - Fanpop, Villains.Wikia & Google Images, with thanks.
No posting them to other sites without my permission!
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OMG, you guys, if you have two minutes to spare invest them in watching this video. Seriously! Some guy with a really lovely sounding voice lets us glimpse into the mad world of YAHOO ANSWERS. He reads the most funny misspellings of the word "pregnant" he could find. I was in stitches! Some of these questions made me wonder where these people got their sex ed from.


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So, while going through my old entries and replacing all the broken image links, I saw an entry about that horrible Harry Potter fanfic that is famous even to non-fandom people because of its irredeemable awfulness. There are unbearable Mary Sue characters, an unhealthy addiction with Gerard Way from the band My Chemical Romance. The fic also completely ignores canon, suffers from continuity errors and bastardizes almost all the character names (and personalities) we know from canon. Oh, and it has the most akward immature sex scenes ever! LOL Not to forget all the spelling mistakes and the gothification of almost everything. (You wouldn't believe how Draco behaves in this and the strange hobbies Dumbledore, Snape and Lupin developed.)

A very brave man recorded a very dramatic reading of this queen of all bad fics and it's hilarious! This fic is actually so bad, it makes you laugh your ass off. Literally! I showed it to my husband, who isn't even into fanfics, and we were both in stitches listening to every single part of this cracktastic fic.

Curious now? Here, listen to this masterpiece:

Edit July 13th, 2017: [personal profile] medievales found the link to the fic. For all those who want to read it. :D

Also, I wanted to welcome all the new people I've met in the last days. *waves* Nice to meet you all! I hope we'll have a great time together. :)


A musical pseudonym meme.

Jul. 8th, 2017 07:10 pm
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O1. Write out your url in song titles.
O2. Use each artist and each song only once.

Mama by Spice Girls.
One More Time by Daft Punk.
O Canada by Sarah McLachlan.
SexyBack by Justin Timberlake feat. Timberland.
Eye Of The Tiger by Survior.
You're The Inspiration by Chicago.
Ghostbusters by Ray Parker, Jr.
I Will Always Love You by Whitney Houston.
Roar by Katy Petty.
Lucky by Britney Spears.

A movie meme.

Jul. 8th, 2017 07:05 pm
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A movie I love
The Fast and the Furious directed by Rob Cohen.

An action movie
Timecop directed by Peter Hyams.

A drama I love
Dead Poets Society directed by Peter Weir.

A western I love
Once Upon a Time in the West directed by Sergio Leone.

A horror movie I love
A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master directed by Renny Harlin.

A comedy I love
Short Circuit directed by John Badham.

A romance movie I love
What Dreams May Come directed by Vincent Ward.

A noir I love
East of Eden directed by Elia Kazan.

A Disney movie I love
The Fox and the Hound directed by Art Stevens, Richard Rich and Ted Berman.

A science fiction movie I love
Close Encounters of the Third Kind directed by Steven Spielberg.

An animated movie I love
Monsters, inc directed by Pete Docter.

A superhero movie I love
Batman Forever directed by Joel Schumacher.

A war movie I love
We Were Soldiers directed by Randall Wallace.

An exploitation movie I love
The Pianist directed by Roman Polanski.

A musical I love
Grease directed by Randal Kleiser.

An historical movie I love
1492: Conquest of Paradise directed by Ridley Scott.

A bad movie I love
Devour directed by David Winkler.

A childhood favorite
The Fly directed by David Cronenberg.

A Shakespeare movie I love
Romeo + Juliet directed by Baz Luhrmann.

A franchise I love
Scream franchise directed by Wes Craven.

A trilogy I love
The Lord of the Rings trilogy directed by Peter Jackson.

A guilty pleasure that I love
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie directed by Bryan Spicer.

A movie recently saw
Beauty and the Beast directed by Bill Condon.

My favorite of this year
I am sorry; there is none at this time.

A favorite of all-time
E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial directed by Steven Spielberg.

I feel almost at home here

Jul. 8th, 2017 08:08 pm
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The intention of making my DW my main residence is almost complete. When I got this account in June 2010 I never would have believed that it would become my primary journal one day. But, yeah, with the way things are over at livejournal right now I feel it's the right thing to do.

So in the last two weeks I've been working hard on making myself comfy here. First, I've changed my user name to the more familiar reijamira. Next thing was a new layout. The old one was okay but the font was entirely too tiny to read comfortably. Unfortunately, it didn't look pretty with a bigger font so I had to go looking for a completely new style. Not an easy untertaking. But I've finally found one that I liked. I tweaked it a bit so it fit my tastes better and gave it an overall Supernatural themed look.

I made a screenshot of my new layout. Wanna see? )

In a next step I decided to get myself a Premium Paid Account which allows me to have 250 icons (Fuck yeah, icons!). After that I went on an icon hunt. Since I've recently got back into the Supernatural fandom I especially wanted to have LOTS of SPN icons. Man, I really had to dig deep until I hit pay dirt. Problem was a lot of the icons didn't show up due to Photobucket's new ToS (what's with all the harebrained ToS changes lately?). I ranted about that in my last entry. Anyway, I managed to save quite a lot of SPN icons to my computer (almost 500 to be exact. You never know when Photobucket blocks the rest of the image links. Argh, the immeasurable loss! So I took precautions and saved every single icon that was to my liking.)

After I got myself well supplied with icons the bio on my profile was the next big thing in need of an update. I did that yesterday. It's gotten longer than I thought, but, oh well, at least it gives a good overview of who I am.

Now, I feel almost at home. The only things that are missing are a mood theme (working on it) and new friends, of course. My reading list could use a bit more action.

Apart from that I really like it here. I hope there will be more active fannish communities in the future so that I won't need to check LJ anymore.

For all my LJ friends, if you have an account on Dreamwidth, I'm also reijamira over there. Let's stay in touch. :)
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{Intro text to follow}

Made for Round 10 of [profile] redheads20in20 Enjoy!

Nice girls, they're pathetic. Here's to evil skanks. )

A Vague Disclaimer is No One's Friend:
~ Take what icons you like for personal use but please credit if used :)
~ No hotlinking!
~ Comments however are appreciated :)
~ Icons with blank space can be personalized upon request.
~ If you wish to personalize because you have PS and more font or fx options than I do, by all means please ask first.
~ All artwork by yours truly except where otherwise indicated.
~ Whatever I write in my notes is my personal opinion. I ask you to accept it for what it is, and PLEASE no bashing!


Jul. 8th, 2017 03:05 pm
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It's time for a win-win kind of icon battle :) Everyone who wants to sign up picks two caps, and after maybe 2 (? - flexible on this!) weeks everyone makes icons of the caps that are submitted. I'm not going to limit it anymore than that, but good hi-quality caps are appreciated by all.

This way, everyone can get lots of icons of some caps they like the look of, and this post will be unlocked and open to anyone who wants to participate, but not too many because so many caps!.

[personal profile] timetobegin | killjoys & wonder woman
[personal profile] negans | solace & grey's anatomy
[personal profile] skieswideopen | dark matter & timeless
[personal profile] tinny | Elementary & Lucifer
[personal profile] luminousdaze | Doctor who & Doctor who

The Spare Caps Pool aka bonus caps if you are bored.
lost girl

due date is Aug 1

Teen Wolf Final Trailer Date

Jul. 7th, 2017 01:59 pm
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Be afraid. Teen Wolf returns with the FINAL 10 EPISODES on Sunday, July 30th at 8/7c.

[community profile] claimings is born.

Jul. 6th, 2017 10:07 pm
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Folks, my nutty best friend Kristy has created a community where members can claim anything. From cities to fandoms. The choice is yours. You can claim up to six things.

The membership is moderated. We are both hoping that some of you would join the club. Feel free to click on the promotional button above to reach out the profile of the page. Thank you for your time. All the best.


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