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• You must be a member and have signed up for this round to participate.
• All icons must be newly made for this round. Do not use previously made icons.
• Please Make sure all images are PG rated. Meaning no nudity, showing gender bits, etc.
• If you would like a participation banner, please let me know when you post your entry to the community.
• Please do not upload to Photobucket. If you already have I highly recommend saving them if you still do not got them, and upload them to another site! Thank you.


• Post only once your set is completed. Do not submit your icons to this post, instead make a post of your own using the guidelines below.
• Your icons must fit LJ standards and be made specifically for this round. 100x100px and either .png, .gif or .jpg file format.
• Provide three (3) teaser icons and hide the rest behind an lj-cut, or provide a link to your icons should you post them elsewhere. If posting to an outside source your icons should be made public for the duration of the round.
• Please, if you participate try to at least check out the other participants entries. It's another reason why we have an unlocked rule. You would want people to check out yours and vice versa, it's only fair.
• Fan art is not accepted; use caution when choosing images. DO NOT USE BEHIND THE SCENES PHOTOS, unless the theme calls for it. You may however use Episode Still and Promos for only 5 icons. Animation is NOT allowed, unless otherwise stated for a certain prompt.
• Use the table provided or use your own if you'd like, but keep the themes in order.
• Posting is moderated; once your post is submitted please await approval. If your post hasn’t been approved within 48 hours please contact me or comment to this post.
• Please add the following subject, just add your username. FORMAT AS: Round 02 - Your Claim - Your Username.

Your sets are due June 29th, 2017 by 11:59 PM in your time zone. Sign-ups are open for the entire duration of this round

As always thank you for the suggestions, I took some for this round.


Complete 10 themes, 5 category, and 5 artist choice icons.

Individual themes:
First Scene Scenery Blending Provided Texture Awkward
Black & White + Scared Recast Close Crop Character Claim With A Species In the Summertime

Provided Texture


Category: Character-fitting color palette (five different shades of a color fitting to your claim, e.g. shades of blue for Cas, or greens for Dean)

Artist’s Choice: Your choice so long as it abides by the rules!


Here are some examples to inspire you.

First Scene - Icon the very first scene of your character that you can find.

[personal profile] goonies[personal profile] goonies[personal profile] goonies

Scenery - Icon your claim in any type of scenery setting.

[personal profile] goonies[personal profile] gooniesvapor

Blending - You should blend/merge together at least 2 (or more if you wish) pictures of your claim. They can be the same photo, or different photos, it is up to you.

[personal profile] gooniesNaginisWandererjulia

Provided Texture - You have to use the provided texture made by LooksLikeRain somewhere within your icon. You may use it as you wish, it just has to be visible. Be as creative as you want!


Awkward - Icon your claim in a awkward situation, or just feeling awkward in general.

[personal profile] goonies[personal profile] goonies[personal profile] goonies

Black & White + Scared - Icon your character scared in black and white.

[personal profile] goonies[personal profile] goonies[personal profile] goonies

Recast - Ever thought your claim should be played by someone else? Or think someone else would be better, or just wondered what it would be like to have your claim played by someone else? Now is your chance. All you have to do is pick another actor/actress to play your character and icon them.

[personal profile] gooniesDbzxenaman2[personal profile] emmatheslayer

Close Crop - Your icon must have a very close focus on your claim.

Starry-night[personal profile] gooniesAlexia_Drake

Character Claim With A Species - Icon your claim with another species (Archangels, Angels, Seraphim, Demons, Humans, Vampires, Nephilim, ect .)

[personal profile] goonies[personal profile] goonies[personal profile] goonies

In the Summertime - You need to put your claim into typical summer scenes/with your favorite summer accessoires (sunglasses, beach ball, etc.). You can do this by coloring, textures, gradients, picture tubes (in some programs), clipart, brushes, ect. Go wild with it and have fun. I will allow animation for this one.

[personal profile] gooniesciaimpala[personal profile] goonies


If there are any mistakes anywhere, please do not hesitate to let me know. Enjoy the round, can't wait to see everyone's sets. :)
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